Scancare Radiology is a highly specialized full service department which strives to meet all patient and clinician needs.

Our professional staff of radiologists and technologist provides clinical services in diagnostic and interventional radiology in an environment that respect your needs.

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Our unique offerings in urology include the following among many others that are not listed.

These and many more are available at our centre right here in Lagos, Nigeria

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Our laboratory services offerings encompass a wide range of investigations from routine tests to highly specialized ones, not offered by other hospitals or laboratories.

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Who We Are

Scancare Diagnostic Services was established in Lagos and it specializes in the provision of a reliable and comprehensive service in the process of gynaecological and obstetric scanning.

The doctors in our employ are specialists in gynaecological ultrasound and fetal medicine.

Our doctors regularly organize lectures at national and international meetings and they have years of experience in overseeing tertiary ultrasound centres.

We also employ highly qualified sonographers who also regularly oversee courses and conferences worldwide.

Our establishment has continually invested in cutting edge technological equipment in a bid to ensure that every patient in our care has the very best service in every aspect of pregnancy scanning.

This includes Ultrasound scans, 3D and 4D scans, Fetal scans, and Obstetric scans.

If you are searching online for Laser Surgery Nigeria and Kidney Stone Nigeria, this are some of our services.

Our qualified and highly trained medical staff enjoys regular updates on recent developments in applications and techniques and they are respected all over the medical community as one of the best in the provision of ultrasound services.

At Scancare Diagnostics, we have doctors who occupy senior positions in the primary healthcare trusts and teaching hospitals in London.

In our employ, we also have a team that comprises of some of the most qualified and experienced radiographers and nurses in the entirety of the Nigeria.

We support our medical team with cutting edge and innovative medical technological equipment like an Open MRI scanner, the newest 64 slice CT scanner, and an assortment of ultrasound and X-ray machines.

Scancare Diagnostics and Outpatients Centre also features the very latest in cardiac diagnostic and heart monitoring equipment.

We synchronize our patient and diagnostic facilities records electronically.

This allows our medical team to provide a seamless service.

If the occasion calls for it, our patients can gain rapid access to our facilities.

Our team of medical specialists can take care of practically every condition supported by our facilities.

This is because our facilities are some of the largest available to medical centres in the private sector.

Our centre also boast of an admirable medical safety record. At Scancare Diagnostic, admitted patients are less likely to develop MRSA as opposed to other hospitals.

Our Strategy

Although there have been efforts to hasten the rate of evaluation, implementation, and development of diagnostics for global health, the market for the resultant product is often inefficient.

An important characteristic of information is that it is asynchronous at best. This translates to the fact that there is not a single, easily accessed repository of information and this includes the very best practices for market participants.

Another factor is the fact that there is very little timely and impartial dialogue between private stakeholders and the general public.

These dialogues are meant to advance the uptake, sustainability and implementation of new IVDs.

Our centre’s primary aim is to increase the efficiency of the global market for health diagnostics.

We seek to achieve this by striving to bridge the information gap by:

  • Our website. It is a digital platform that provides essential information, eLearning facilities, and toolkits.
  • By gaining the cooperation of major stakeholders in tackling issues and advancing solutions.

We aim to integrate research resources of major stakeholders including LSHTM, with wide ranging academic efforts.

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